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Maewari Shochu and Kuro Joka Culture Featuring Tensei Distillery<br> Only 10 seats available!

Maewari Shochu and Kuro Joka Culture Featuring Tensei Distillery
Only 10 seats available!

May. 13, 2017 (Sat.)

Location: OnJapan CAFÉ 6-8-1 Jingumae, shibuya-ku tokyo 1500001

Time: 19:00-21:00


Shochu and awamori distilleries have started bottling lower-proof drinks recently in an effort to win over diners that like drinks that complement their meal. But no matter how new these drinks sound, shochu has been served at lower alcohol percentages for centuries. The name of this serving style is maewari, shochu that is pre-mixed with local spring water to create a balanced and delicious drink between 12-15%. And if we dig back into Kagoshima history, you’ll find that there’s a tradition of using small kettles called joka to heat maewari over a flame and bring out its warm sweetness.
At this exclusive event, Tensei Distillery’s Takaya-san will host his second event at OnJapan CAFÉ and teach guests about this fascinating aspect of shochu drinking culture. He will be joined by local shochu expert, Christopher Pellegrini, as they lead a tasting that will include a light meal prepared by the café’s excellent kitchen.
Only 10 guests will be seated for this maewari tasting. Tickets are ¥5,000 and include a small bottle of Tensei shochu.

■Lecturers: Soichiro Takaya (Tensei Distillery),
Christopher Pellegrini (Certified Shochu Sommelier)
■Language: English & Japanese
■Limited to: 10 people (first-come, first-served basis)
■Charge: 5,000 JPY per person (including a 180ml bottle of shochu from Tensei Distillery)


  • Mr. Christopher Pellegrini

    Christopher Pellegrini happened upon shochu more than a decade ago, and his curiosity was piqued by the dearth of published information about it. Many years of distillery visits, palate refining, and test taking later, he became one of the few Certified Shochu Sommelier (SSI) to be born outside of Japan. He now spends his time conducting shochu and awamori tastings, writing for various food and drink publications, and consulting restaurants, bars, and distributors on how to bring these drinks into the fold.
    A native of Vermont, Christopher was an accomplished pole vaulter and spent several years working for Otter Creek Brewing where he eventually inhabited the night brewing shift. Little did he know that his experience making good beer would lead him to a career in another high quality drink thousands of miles away. After a year in Spain and two in South Korea, Christopher moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2002, where a distinct lack of craft beer sent him straight into shochu's open arms.
    He has since found a home talking about Japanese food and drinks for an international audience. He is the host of Japan Booze Blind and Ishokudogen, two web series that cater to Japan's culinary fans around the world. Christopher holds an MA in language education from University College London's Institute of Education, and is the English translator of the survival Japanese textbook Konnichiwa, Nihongo! He has also been published in print and online outlets such as Koe andGlobal Insider.

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